Koch Leather Hipster Wallet Review

I thought I would give a rather thorough review of the Koch Leather Hipster wallet made by Joshua Koch and company. As an individual who has tried pretty much every style of wallet at least once, I will say that this one fits my needs just as well as my favorites. I’ve primarily owned many high quality veg tanned wallets, and chose to go with the Horween chromexcel variation for this wallet. It is offered in a few other colors as well as veg tanned. This is the burgundy color.

Who this wallet is for: Minimalists unite! Despite the bulk that leather provides over materials such as racing sailboat cloth (check out flowfold wallets for those, super light and thin), the design of this wallet is quite minimal. It has no partitioning or slots, which gives the user the option of stacking the cards and cash, ideally putting the most used cards at the front and cash (if you carry a couple bills folded twice) in the back. I have my setup and the wallet still has plenty of room for more, but I personally don’t see myself adding more. This wallet is suited for the person who may only reach into the wallet regularly to pull out two or three different cards out of the stack. This does not mean it would take forever to locate other cards such as insurance cards, but realistically most won’t pull those out as often as other cards.

For reference, my setup from first card to back item: drivers license, debit/credit card, carry permit, student ID, insurance cards (2), voter card, 2 organization laminated membership cards, 3 cash bills, fishing licence, and a BC powder sleeve. I could easily fit at least 6 debit card-sized cards with the room to spare, but my setup is by no means loose and moving around in the wallet.

Build Quality: I believe this wallet is saddle stitched by hand on each side. The wallet is made of two pieces of leather stitched at the sides, and one brass snap in my case. The edges of the piece are nicely finished and the corners are slightly rounded instead of sharp corners that to me do not look as visually appealing. A small Koch logo finishes the piece on the front, and while I prefer my logos most often to be hidden, I don’t mind this one as it is subtlety placed. A small but important point – really enjoyed the presentation of this product when it arrived. The product comes nicely presented which is something I will always appreciate from artisan brands.

Price: I received this wallet for about $42.00 including the shipping. Koch leather could easily charge $50-60+ as the quality is much higher than expected in the price range. I’ve owned more expensive wallets that don’t match the quality in leather or overall construction and finish. I think I landed right on the money with the burgundy color, but I would also like to try out the brown version in the future – I just don’t see myself buying two of the same wallet for color alone. Burgundy has nice subtle undertones of red along with the dark brown finish: pretty much with the class that chestnut has on Saddleback Leather Company products. The veg tanned option is definitely suited for more casual use, as I would have otherwise chosen it, I wanted something a bit more classic for this wallet. If you don’t care what others think upon seeing your wallet I’d definitely pick whichever color speaks to you.

You can purchase this wallet and many other leather items through www.kochleather.com or through their etsy store under the same name.


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